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Driving Innovation, Transforming Finance.

Our Foundational Thesis

At Alexander Hunt, we specialize in the technology sector, leveraging our deep domain expertise to provide customized capital strategies that are both innovative and effective. Our understanding of this dynamic sector ensures that we deliver financial solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client and their unique segment of the market.

Our approach is powerfully creative, combining traditional investment principles with cutting-edge insights. We utilize comprehensive market research and industry data to inform our strategies, positioning our clients for success with informed, data-driven decisions. 

As a boutique investment bank, we pride ourselves on our invested and proactive approach. We dedicate significant time and resources to each client, offering the personalized attention and hands-on support that are essential for navigating the complexities of capital markets. Our commitment to excellence and innovation ensures that we consistently deliver differentiated outcomes, helping our clients achieve their growth and financial objectives with confidence.

Why Clients Work With Us


Deep Domain Expertise


Tailored Financial Strategies


Data Driven


Dedicated Client


Successful Track Record

Senior Leadership

A joining of financial experts, technology enthusiasts, and strategic thinkers, our team is our most valued asset. Each member is dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive unparalleled insights and strategies, tailored to their unique objectives.

Mash Rahman
Director of Venture Solutions

With more than ten years of experience in sales, Mash is known for her ability to cultivate strategic relationships and for distilling and communicating complex financial products in simple terms, making them easily understandable for entrepreneurs. She thoroughly enjoys collaborating with passionate founders whether it be scaling a fledgling or mature business, identifying specific tools to succeed, or considering a new perspective altogether. In her downtime, Mash loves reading non-fiction, staying physically active, honing her skills in a sport, and exploring foreign corners of the world from her home base in Toronto.  

Anthony Tang
Senior Analyst

Anthony is an analyst on the team at Alexander Hunt. With a keen eye for detail and a strong analytical mindset, Anthony contributes his expertise in capital raising and M&A. His diverse experience spans start-up fundraising, corporate development and venture capital, allowing him to provide valuable insights and strategic guidance to clients at every stage of their growth.

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